Please forward this DRAFT Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) Open Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to faculty that may be interested.

ARPA-E is seeking comments on the draft Open FOA.

ARPA-E released a draft funding opportunity announcement in FedConnect today.

Opportunity: ARPA-E Draft Open Funding Opportunity Announcement


On or about March 2, 2012, the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)

intends to issue an Open Funding Opportunity Announcement (Open FOA or FOA). The

objective of the Open FOA is to identify high-risk, high-reward concepts for energy-related

technologies that may enhance our nation’s energy and economic security. This FOA will

be open to any energy-related technology that, if successful, will have a transformational

and disruptive effect on the energy sector. ARPA-E is seeking your comments on the draft

Open FOA. To obtain a copy of the draft Open FOA please go to the ARPA-E website at An overview of the application process is provided in Section

I.B of the draft FOA, and a draft list of Technical Categories and Subcategories is provided in

Section I.E of the draft FOA. Please submit your written comments by email to by 5 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

ARPA-E will not review or consider comments submitted by other means. All feedback

provided will be taken into consideration, but ARPA-E will not respond to individual

submissions or publish publicly a compendium of responses. Neither this Announcement nor

the draft Open FOA constitutes the formal request for this funding opportunity announcement.

The Federal Government will not pay for the provision of any information, nor will it

compensate any respondents for the development of such information.






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