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October 9, 2018

Hourly Student Positions

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Below is a position description of the job duties for the two hourly  student positions we had talked about earlier today. I think we need to post it for all students, but if you could circulate the availability within your department, we would greatly appreciate it. A chemistry student with at least some lab experience would be an ideal candidate.





Job duties

5% Log-in of samples

15%-Maintenance of samples storage and records

20%-Dishes and general lab clean-up tasks

40% -Grinding of plant samples

20%-Weighing out and preparing plant samples for analysis

Job can start immediately, with and end date of December 31st. I can forward you the link once the position is posted as well. Questions or interests can be directed to the Supervisor:

Jennifer M. Duringer, Ph.D.

Department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology

Oregon State University

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