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April 14, 2017

Emergency Preparedness App

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OSU Community,
OSU Emergency Preparedness provides a free app that contains emergency response plans and important campus emergency numbers.

Download the CrisisManager app to your cell phone or other device for a just-in-time reference on how to protect yourself and respond to fire, earthquakes, winter storms, utility failures, etc. Go to or follow these instructions:

1. Download “CrisisManager” by School Dude from the App Store or Google Play *
• Apple iTunes Store (iOS)
• Google Play (Android)
• Kindle Fire
* For Window devices, Download the PDF version from the emergency preparedness website
2. Open the App, select “Continue without logging in”
3. Add the OSU Plan
• Click on the “+” in the right corner
• Search keyword “beaver” or “OSU” or “Corvallis”
• OR Find the Client Plans folder and look inside for ”Oregon State University
Emergency Plan”
4. Select the down arrow “˅” and download the plan
5. Tap on the plan to open
Thank you,
Mike Bamberger

Emergency Preparedness Manager
Oregon State University
601 SW 17 Street
Cascade Hall, Room 221
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
Phone: 541-737-4713 | Cell: 541-758-9126 |

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