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March 14, 2012

Part-Time Chemistry Instructors

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Hello, all. I am the dean of Chemeketa’s new Yamhill Valley Campus in McMinnville …

We are a full-service campus, going for accreditation spring term, and in the process of fleshing out our general education and transfer studies program. One of the facilities we’ve added, much to my delight, is a chemistry lab. This next year (AY2012-13) we are planning to offer the Chemistry for Allied Health series (CH104/5/6), the Foundations of General, Organic, and Biochemistry course (CH110), and the General

Science: Chemistry course (GS105). My immediate challenge is to find part-time instructors to teach these courses. If you have instructors, who you would personally recommend, and who are looking for more work – would you please have them contact me? My sincere thanks for any assistance.

John Plett


Chemeketa Community College

Yamhill Valley Campus Dean

phone: 503-316-3276

fax: 503-399-5175


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