Lansing, ShanShan Lansing spent the first 18 years of her life in Grants Pass, Oregon.   Being from a small town, she loved the feel of Corvallis, and the community aspects of Oregon State University.  She’s always known she wanted to be a doctor, but it was her work in Sean Burrows research lab that lead her to focus on oncology.  She cites her advisor, Neal Sleszynski, as the reason she got into undergraduate research so early in her education.  “I went to meet with him for advising and he asked if I wanted to do research,” she stated.  “The rest is history.”
Shan said she’s always been a detail-oriented person, so analytical chemistry was definitely the right area for her, stating that the precision of micro pipetting and various other fine detail work really appealed to her.  Her favorite class was Quantitative Analysis, but favorite professors, she said, was a harder question to answer.  She finally settled on Philip Watson and Paul Blakemore, stating, “I feel bad, picking favorites; I really haven’t had a bad [Professor] here.”
Shan is the current Social Chair for Sigma Delta Omega, the science sorority here on campus.  In her spare time, she likes to swim and is training for some marathons next summer.  Shan has an older brother and an older sister and is pretty sure her parents send her grade reports in a mass email because they’re so proud of her accomplishments: as are we.  Students like Shan are the reason we do what we do, and we’re proud to have her in our department.