Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Data-Driven Discovery Investigator Competition

Pre-Application Process: January 9 through February 24, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Data-Driven Discovery Investigator Competition has now launched.  This competition is open to researchers in any PhD-granting institution or a private research organization in the United States.  The pre-application process will run from January 9 through February 24, 2014. If you or your colleagues are interested in learning more, please see the full solicitation attached as a PDF.

As an open call, we are also hoping to spread the word far and wide among qualified applicants, and to that end we’d like to ask your help. Please share this news through your institutional networks, social media, mailing lists, etc. In brief:

*Our Data-Driven Discovery Initiative seeks to advance the people and practices of data-intensive science to take advantage of the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of scientific data to make new discoveries. Data-intensive science is inherently multidisciplinary, combining natural sciences with methods from statistics and computer science.

*The goal of the DDD Investigator awards is to fund individuals who exemplify this new kind of data-driven discovery. These innovators are striking out in new directions and are willing to take risks with the potential of huge payoffs in some aspect of data-intensive science. Successful applicants must make a strong case for developments in the natural sciences (biology, physics, astronomy, etc.), or science enabling methodologies (statistics, machine learning, scalable algorithms, etc.) and applicants that credibly combine the two are especially encouraged. Note that the Science Program does not fund disease targeted research. It is anticipated that the DDD initiative will make about 15 awards at ~$1,500,000 each ($200K-$300K/year for five years).

*The pre-applications are due Monday February 24, 2014 by 5pm Pacific Time. They must be submitted online at www.moore.org/DDDInvestigator. A list of frequently asked questions is posted on the site. If your question is not answered, please contact the email address below. Pre-applications will be reviewed by Foundation staff and external experts.

*The Foundation anticipates extending invitations for full applications in April 2014.

Please feel free to send questions our way, and thanks in advance for helping us share this news.

Data-Driven Discovery Initiative


-Vicki Chandler, Mark Stalzer, Chris Mentzel, Jasan Zimmerman

DDD Investigator Competition Solicitation for Applications