Greeting from Minnesota! I am writing to let you know about a position we have recently posted for a tenure-track position in experimental physical chemistry at Carleton College, beginning September 2024. We believe this position is an excellent fit for chemists who are passionate about teaching and research in an undergraduate environment. Carleton has a vibrant and well-supported research program with undergraduate students, and we also provide extensive mentoring and professional development resources to support teaching. We are particularly interested in candidates who can bring a variety of dimensions of diversity to our department, and our search within physical chemistry is defined broadly to include interdisciplinary areas such as materials science, environmental, and biophysical chemistry.

Given your position as department chair, I am hoping you might know current/recent grad students and postdocs who could be a good fit for this position. If so, would you mind forwarding this email to them and/or to colleagues who may be able to spread the word?

Please feel free to email me or put students/postdocs in touch with me if they have any questions, and thanks for your consideration!


Matt Whited

Matthew T. Whited
Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry

STEM Director
Carleton College


Phone: (507) 222-4530


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