Halo.Science is hosting two webinars for upcoming sponsored research opportunities. These helpful webinars provide high-level technical information for researcher applicants, including robust Q&As with the reviewers. Please share this with researchers in your units who may be interested in the following topics.

Kraft HeinzNatural sweetener ingredient technology for low pH

Kraft Heinz is seeking natural sweetener ingredient technology to achieve a stable solution of 5-10 % stevia (or equivalent sweetness) for low pH systems (pH 2.0).

Disciplines: Chemistry, Food Science & Nutrition, Materials Science

Acceptable TRLs: 4-9

Funding is proposal-dependent starting with proof-of-concept, typically ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 for a 6-month length project with the potential for expansion based on results and opportunities.

Amcor LimitedVinyl chloride- and styrene-free sealable coating for food packaging

Amcor is looking for a food law-compliant (direct contact) heat seal coating that may be applied onto one surface of aluminum foil. The coating’s primary performance criteria require maintenance of adhesion to aluminum and seal integrity while immersed in boiling water. An ideal coating will be solvent borne with a viscosity suitable for application via a continuous roll-to-roll process like coil coating.

Disciplines: Chemistry, Food Science & Nutrition, Materials Science

Acceptable TRLs: 2-9

Funding is proposal dependent, with $25,000 – $100,000 available for projects that last up to one year. There is potential for supplemental funding for projects that extend beyond one year.

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