Project title: “Understanding the Interfaces for High-Energy Batteries Using Anions as Charge Carriers”
PI: Xiulei “David” Ji, Co-PIs: De-en Jiang (Vanderbilt), Chunsheng Wang (Univ. Maryland), Quinton Williams (Howard).

The team works on an alternative Li-ion battery technology. If successful, the new battery technology will provide a safer option for a longer driving range of electric vehicles. The new batteries do not rely on the depleting cobalt and nickel for the cathode materials, which will be more sustainable and of lower cost. The primary difference is that this new battery will use light anions as charge carriers for the operation of its high-capacity cathode materials. The three-million-dollar project from 2022 to 2025 is funded by the program of Basic Energy Sciences of the Department of Energy, and OSU’s portion will be $840,000.

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