Please help us give a hearty welcome to MacKenzie Boyd, the Chemistry Departments new ECampus/Undergraduate Coordinator.  They started working remotely in February because they are originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and needed to move cross country to join us here in the office.  MacKenzie says they spent most of their life in Cincinnati, but also did a brief stint in Germany when they were a child.
MacKenzie describes their family as, “the most awesome and amazing people.”  Their parents are living in Ohio and both retired, so are spending all their time having adventures and enjoying life. They have a sister in New York City, that they are tempting to move to the West Coast, and two cats who moved out here with them. 
They’ve always wanted to work in an academic setting, and when they interviewed with the department, MacKenzie says everyone was very kind and welcoming. So, they took the position.  Their job duties include, helping students with overrides, working with professors on miscellaneous projects, and being the main scheduler for the department. When asked what they liked most about their new position, MacKenzie responded, “The people! I get to work with some very funny, kind, and passionate folks.”  
As scary as a cross country move can be, MacKenzie is very happy with their decision to move to the West Coast.  “Oregon has been an absolute dream. I love the weather, the towering trees and mountains, the beach, and the outdoorsy culture here.”
Outside of work, MacKenzie is very outdoorsy.  In Ohio, they volunteered with birds of prey (hawks, owls, vultures, and even a bald eagle named Eli).  Although they haven’t found that outlet here as of yet, MacKenzie has many hobbies that they tend to switch between.  Currently, they are learning to crochet.  MacKenzie is also fascinated by bears, and bets they could teach you a thing or two about them.  For example, did you know bear cubs purr when they’re happy, just like cats?  They also said if they could have any superpower, it would be to speak with plants and animals.  They’re pretty sure they and the cats would come up with some really funny inside jokes.
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