Alice Lulich has been named one of the Spring 2021 Undergraduates of the Quarter and we couldn’t be happier.

Alice grew up in Bend, Oregon.  She attended North Medford High School, home of the Black Tornado.  She chose OSU due to its emphasis and opportunity for undergraduate research. The other universities she was looking at were missing that, and it was crucial to her. OSU has been a great fit for her, and she is pleased with her decision.  As far as research, she has been working in the Nyman Lab for the last two-ish years. She creates metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) using transition metals and then characterizes them. She can also find applications for the new MOFs she creates, such as capturing carbon dioxide gas or splitting water in a photocatalysis reactor. This utility can be applied to clean energy solutions for climate change. She got into the lab in the first term of freshman year. She wanted to do undergraduate research, and it had a significant impact on her college choice, so she got in as soon as possible!

When asked why Chemistry, she replied, “chemistry makes sense to me. I geek out about reactions and always put things in terms of chemistry. For example, when I listen to music, I’ll think about the gas particles vibrating to get the sound wave to my ears. Or, when I am making food, I think about the denaturing process. Chemistry excites me so much!”

Alice plans research as a career. She is currently interested in options like the national labs, but the thing she loves about chemistry is its applicability; “I don’t want to limit myself to thinking I can only do one thing with my degree.” She says she will have to go to grad school first, though, so her after-school career is still a ways off. However, she is excited at the prospect of grad school.

Outside of school, Alice loves hiking and being outdoors. When she has free time (which school and lab limit), she loves reading and cooking. She is a homebody and an introvert, but she loves to catch up with friends as well. There’s nothing better than a night with good friends and good music.   Her favorite book that she’s read recently is Educated by Tara Westover. She says “it’s  such a captivating read. It had me hooked for the whole thing. I would highly recommend it, but just be forewarned that it is a wild ride.”  Her favorite food is Thai Curry and Tomatoes.

Alice says she’s honored to be chosen as Undergraduate of the Quarter! “It feels rewarding to be recognized for the work I put into both school and my research.”  We’re proud to bestow this honor on students like Alice, and we wish her all the best of luck in the future.

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