Microsoft has some grants available for data intensive research. One for computing credit, the other two for $100k. Please share with potentially interested faculty. 
Microsoft / Leonardo DiCaprio:  – deadline – Sep 30
LDF and Microsoft are collaborating on the AI for Earth innovation grant to support applicants in creating and deploying open source machine learning models, algorithms, and data sets that directly tackle environmental problems faced by the world today. Grants are $100k for 1-year.

Microsoft AI for Earth –  – deadline – Oct 7
AI for Earth awards grants to support projects that change the way people and organizations monitor, model, and ultimately manage Earth’s natural systems. Depending on project need, the grants can award Microsoft Azure cloud computing resources (including AI tools) and/or data labeling services.

“The grantors are quite liberal with these grants. It is for up to $15K compute credits. Most PIs today require HPCs (high performance computers) for their work. Even, if they already have existing access to HPC resources, these grants can be used to expand those resources, when appropriate. Furthermore, getting an initial grant helps to open a door into some of the folks who are evaluating other grants.”

Microsoft / National Geographic:  – deadline – Oct 9

The National Geographic Society and Microsoft’s AI for Earth program are partnering to support novel projects that create and deploy AI tools to improve the way we monitor, model, and ultimately manage Earth’s natural systems for a more sustainable future.
    Proposals may request $5,000 to $100,000. The budgets of successful proposals will include reasonable, well-justified costs directly required to complete the project.

All are posted on ECOS as well:

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