Yitong Qi - Undergraduate of the Quarter (Fall 2018) Profile Photo

Yitong Qi has been named undergraduate of the quarter for fall term 2018, and we are so pleased.

Yitong grew up in Xi’an, the capital city of the Saanxi Province in China. He then moved to Salem where he attended Sprague High School.

An initial interest in sustainable energy and materials drove Yitong to pursue Chemical Engineering in his undergraduate work. He discovered that engineering was less about the materials than the process, and decided to switch to Chemistry to work first hand with the chemicals. He found research interest after joining Dr. Ji’s lab, where he works with graduate students and post docs on projects related to battery materials. Projects in the lab involve making and applying carbon materials to battery use and the chemistry behind them.

In his spare time, Yitong enjoys watching movies, hearing stories, and eating guacamole.

After graduating from Oregon State University, Yitong plans to attend graduate school.

Students like Yitong are just some of the reasons were so proud of our Undergraduate Majors.  We wish him great success in his future endeavors.

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