OSU online Chemistry’s student Kirk Denti is currently working as an RN in an ICU, but is working toward becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Kirk tells us that our CH 140, General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, will help him to meet the prerequisite requirements of CRNA school. Kirk shares his story below–

Please share your background so we can get to know you better—how did you end up where you are on this journey?

Long story, but I used to be a Respiratory Therapist up until 2 1/2 years ago.  I have worked in Vancouver, Canada for about 5 years and about 12 years in Texas.  I have always appreciated the role of the CRNA, as some of what they do, professionally, blends into what we did as RTs (airway and ventilator management).  I left the bedside in 2007 and went to work for a disease management company, and it was there that a coworker had applied to RN school and got in.  This inspired me to move forward and apply for RN school myself.  My thoughts were simply that time is going to pass, so why not study while it happens and accomplish something at the same time. I started RN school in 2009 and finished in 2011 and have been working as an RN in an ICU for 2 1/2 years.

What inspired you to choose the career path you are working towards?

In my Respiratory Therapy program in Canada, we had to take an anesthesia class.  Canada has an anesthesia profession, similar to CRNA, designed for RTs to go into, and this particular class gave me a taste of it.  I really enjoyed it and really enjoyed my O.R. rotations.  At the time, I wanted to be an RT, but that class held a spot in my mind.  When I came to the States and learned about the CRNA profession and how much more involved it was than what was offered in Canada, I knew I had to pursue it.  And besides, the pay is pretty good too!

How will your OSU online classes help you to accomplish your career goals?

Organic and Biochemistry are prerequisites for some CRNA programs (one or the other, not both) and this class, Chem 140, fits nicely into my plans.  Without it, I would have to have taken one year of General Chemistry and then Organic Chemistry.  With this class, I don’t have to do that, and I can do it from home…can’t beat that. (Be sure to check with any professional program you are targeting to be sure they will accept the class you plan to take).

Do you have any advice for other online students?

Be sure that you discipline yourself to stay focused and on target with study objectives and don’t fall behind.  If you can get a study partner, that would help, so that you can push and support one another.  It’s very easy to let a day here and there slide by without studying.

What is next for you? 

My next step is to apply at a few CRNA programs around the nation and hope for the best.  I don’t know where I will end up, but I don’t really mind as long as I get accepted somewhere.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like being with my wife and kids–just hanging out with them.  I also enjoy playing my acoustic guitar, which I find relaxing. I am married and have been for 25 years; we have 6 children, aged 15 to 23.