Winter 2024 – Issue 001

In this issue, we approach asking for student feedback and learning about student experience in a variety of ways—through a multi-year needs assessment and action plan, one-on-one conversations, individual reflection, and case studies from programs. We hope these articles will provide an interesting look at the variety of opportunities we have for learning directly from students.

A Reflection on the Collaborative Effort for the College of Engineering Mental Health Improvement Project

Guest writers Bria Kettenhofen and Bonnie Hemrick from Counseling & Psychological Services offer an interesting new model for understanding student mental health and describe learning and takeaways from that collaboration.

Student Voices About the Use of AI – Concerns and New Learning Strategies for Independent Studying

Adam shares how his thinking about AI’s potential and challenges has been shaped by conversations with SI Leaders.

Postcards from Student Leaders Reflecting on the Inaugural Peer Education Conference

Peer educators reflect on learning and takeaways from their experience planning, leading, and participating in November’s conference.

Prompts for Meeting 1:1 with Student Employees

Clare presents example prompts that the Office of Academic Support team uses to facilitate reflection and learn from student employees’ experience and perspective.

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