Winter 2022 – Issue 002

This issue describes and offers tools, strategies, and reflections on how we can build community within our teams and work toward our goals of centering team-members needs and experiences. We hope you’ll find a strategy or idea that resonates for you.

Below, you’ll find an overview of this issue’s content.

The First Five Minutes

Clare shares the evolution of her thinking on strategies that meeting facilitators can use at the start of meetings to create community and attend to the needs of people sharing space and time together.

Navigating Multilingualism

Kelley offers an activity that can help teams, instructors, and individuals develop self-awareness around perceptions of language and language learning.

Promoting Equity in Recruitment and Hiring of Student Staff

Chris describes how the Writing Center is working toward a more equitable approach to student staff recruitment and hiring.

Top 5 Ways SI Leaders (and You!) Can Help Students Develop a Sense of Belonging

The SI Team shares insights into what students have identified as contributing to their sense of belonging at study stables.

Student Staff Picks – Training Takeaways

ASC & Writing Center Student Staff highlight training topics that resonated given their specific roles and transferability of those topics to other contexts.

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