Fall 2023 – Issue 002

As we near the end of fall term, we’re reflecting on a range of moments—from a conversation that shaped understanding and action to a year-long planning process for a conference. Each piece is drawn from reflection that acknowledges the value of the experience and takeaways that can inform our future work.

Absolutely Amateur: A Conversation between Anna & Sarah

Anna and Sarah talk about how new learning experiences outside of the department are shaping their experiences within the Office of Academic Support.

Letter to Myself – Takeaways from a Student-Led Conference

Woodrós reflects on their experience supporting student leaders designing, planning, and facilitating the Peer Education Conference.

Revising a Survey Question

Clare describes how being in conversation with Nicole Hindes helped redefine a survey question while demonstrating the importance and value of support from colleagues in our work.  

5 Ways to Support Students at the End of the Term

Marjorie shares strategies instructors can use to demonstrate care and empathy at the end of the term.

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