Spring 2020 – Issue 002

Reflections on the Remote Learning Experience Survey

Clare Creighton talks themes and takeaways from OSU’s recent survey asking undergraduate students to share their experience with remote learning.

Student Staff Spring Training

In this interview, Anika Lautenbach answers questions about training new student staff and offers resources the OSU community can use in trainings.

Silver Linings of Remote Work

Read about silver linings of remote work that have encouraged and surprised us.

Student Staff Picks: Tools for Finals Prep

Check out ASC strategist and academic coach recommendations for ASC tools to support finals prep.

 10 Questions to Ask Graduating Seniors Instead of “What Are you Going to Do Next?!”

Looking for fun conversation starters that don’t put seniors on the spot? Look no further!

 Supporting Seniors’ Post-Graduation Thinking

ASC student staff share their insight into supporting seniors who are preparing for graduation.

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