Fall 2022 – Issue 001

Greetings and most joyous tidings in this first issue of the new academic year! We are past the initial whirlwind start of fall and headed into the middle of the term—a time that can be hectic for students and staff alike. This issue includes a variety of resources and strategies that can help boost motivation, support success—in planning, coursework, or a new position on campus—and engage in structured revelry.

Increasing Motivation through Behavioral Activation

Anna shares strategies that can help improve mood, prevent burnout, and increase productivity.

Benefits of SI for Students Retaking Courses

Chris presents insights from an analysis of SI’s impact for students retaking courses.

Onboarding Student Employees

Student staff describe aspects of the onboarding process they appreciated during initial training in the ASC & Writing Center.  

ASC & Writing Center Staff Picks

Our team offers strategies and resources for supporting students during weeks 4-6 of the term.

OSU Mad Libs

Marjorie poses important questions: Have you and your team done Mad Libs together recently? If not, do you need some OSU-themed Mad Libs to remedy that?

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