Spring 2023 – Issue 001

It’s hailing! It’s sunny! It’s both! As we get these early glimmers of spring and summer (as well as the return to winter weather 15 minutes later), we eagerly look ahead to bright days coming our way. We hope this issue brightens your week and provides interesting insights, perspectives, and strategies that speak to your work and support for students.

Labor-Based Grading: More Process, Less Pressure

Guest writer Kristy Kelly, Director of Writing in the School of Writing Literature and Film, shares about her journey with labor-based grading and helpful strategies if you’re considering this grading approach for your course.

Taking (& Being Taken By) Time

Sarah reflects on time, specifically how linear it can seem and be experienced, and the challenge of less linear work and thinking practices fitting within the hourly grid.

Staff Picks – Supporting Student Employee Holistic Well-Being

Woodrós asks, and the ASC & Writing Center Team answers! Seven different ways to support holistic well-being for student employees.

On Cheese and Gratitude

We can’t deny how much we miss Chris Gasser on the ASC & Writing Center team. Chris shares a (cheesy) farewell to The Success Kitchen readers and an invitation to connect in his new role as the UIA fellow.

What Are OSU Colleagues Reading?

Curious to know what folks are digging into for learning, reflection, and more? OSU colleagues share readings and takeaways.

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