Spring 2021 – Issue 001

Hello! As we move through spring term, we’re taking some time to reflect—on the experience of remote work and our learning in this workspace—and to bring our learning with us into the new academic year.

Below, you’ll find an overview of this issue’s content.

Remote Onboarding Adventures

Anna shares about her experience joining the Academic Success Center & Writing Center team and offers strategies for a supportive remote onboarding experience.

SI Study Tables: A New Perspective

Chris reflects on his experience as SI Coordinator taking on a new role facilitating study tables alongside SI Leaders.

Reflection from Different Angles

Clare and Marjorie describe three thought exercises the Academic Success Center & Writing Center team is using to reflect critically, identify opportunities, and create an intentional plan for returning to in-person work.

Student Staff Picks: Hearing from Graduating Seniors

Graduating seniors share what they’ve learned from their work as peer educators within the Academic Success Center & Writing Center.

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