Fall 2022 – Issue 002

In this issue of The Success Kitchen, we’re playing loosely with the concept of reflection—what it looks like when reflection is active and intentional, how reflection on data can lead to insights and action, and ways reflection has the potential to shape decision-making, relationship-building, and support for students and staff.

Let’s Make A Pie

Guest writer Nicole Hindes shares how a metaphor can deepen our understanding and build intentionality in our relationship-building and collaborations.

Reflection Practice #countsaswork

Anna describes the ASC & Writing Center’s practice of reflection and shares how this practice provides individual and team impact.

Tales from Adventures Emailing First-Year Students in Fall

Sarah offers insights and actions from analysis of the Transition Communication Campaign email data.

New Book on Studying Lands in January

Clare shares a conversation with Dr. Regan Gurung about his upcoming book Study Like a Champ.

Building a “New Normal” at the Academic Success Center & Writing Center

Chris highlights commitments and strategies our team is engaging in as a result of learning from the pandemic.

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