Winter 2022 – Issue 001

Welcome to the new year! In this issue, we touch (albeit indirectly) on a theme of collaboration, highlighting the potential we have to amplify support when we come together in our work. When we work with one another and with students, we find strength, hear new perspectives, encounter new resources and tools, and create community.

Below, you’ll find an overview of this issue’s content.

How We’re Responding to the Increase in COVID-19 Cases

Clare describes actions and strategies the ASC & Writing Center team are using to support student and staff needs during the current COVID surge.

Supporting Yourself in a Support Role

Carl and Sarah interview campus partners in support roles about strategies they use to maintain well-being and support themselves.

Grappling with the Complexities of Supporting Students

Clare shares personal take-aways from the recent Fall Student Experience Survey and offers potential opportunities to provide student support.

Staff Picks – Readings & Resources That Have Shaped Our Views on Equity

ASC & Writing Center staff highlight readings and resources that have resonated for us during our ongoing exploration of equity topics.

Centering Team Members’ Ideas & Perspectives

Marjorie describes a leadership strategy for emphasizing the inherent value of each team member and their contributions.

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