Needed:  A dozen Extension parade walkers!

Benny will be marching in the parade! Join us! Photo credit: OSU

Beaver supporters of any age or ability are welcomed and from any town or city!  Wagon to wheel chair!

If you would enjoy walking slowly in 1.5 mile “Celebrate Beaverton” parade route for one hour representing OSU Extension in Washington County with Benny Beaver, signs and balloon decos, lots of swag to hand out we need YOU!!

Saturday, September 8

Meeting at 9 am at Beaverton Christian Church

Parade begins at 10 am

Last entry finishes at 12pm at Griffith Park

Only requirement is that you dress for your program area (MG shirts, 4-H shirts, Food Hero, Porta Potty Princess,….hold a tree branch, bring your dog – you get the idea and we’ll  help) OR in a provided Extension t-shirt….and have fun!

We hope to have each program area represented through some type of creative signage, decorated hat or clothing. Historical dress is great as the parade theme is “Looking Back, Stepping Forward”.

Our goal is showing our program areas to the viewers.

If interested or questions please see or contact Vicki 503-821-1127.

Thank you for your spirit!

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