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We are looking forward to a stellar New Year, thanks to your commitment and generosity as garden educators.  So get your day-planners ready for some great training and outreach opportunities.  Here are a few to start your New Year…

2018 Training
Our 2018 Training kicks off in February.  As previously mentioned, we have a strong line-up of instructors and subjects for our 2018 MG Training classes.  The schedule offers some exciting new changes.  In support of the goals of the state Master Gardener program, instructors of our in-person classes are adding more interactive and hands-on activities to their presentations.

Join us to hear perennial favorite instructors as well as some new instructors and subjects.  Also, take the time to welcome and introduce yourselves to members of the new class of trainees.

All of the 2018 Training classes will qualify for 2018 MG continuing garden education/recertification credit.

For the detailed 2018 Training schedule, please see the link below.

2018 Metro Master Gardener Training Schedule

Class Coordinators Meeting for MG Training
MG training could not take place without the fantastic team of MGs who assist with coordinating the classes.

We are grateful to have our three amazing Class Coordinators, Cindy Manselle (Oregon City), Beven Peters (Portland), and Trina Studebaker (Beaverton) returning to lead the charge offering a well-organized and welcoming training environment.

Those of you who are interested in assisting Cindy, Beven or Trina at one of the three training locations, please join us for a Class Coordinators meeting on Tuesday, January 23rd, from 10am to 2pm at the Clackamas Extension office (200 Warner-Milne Road, Oregon City).  We will meet to discuss the upcoming training and will assemble Sustainable Gardening Handbooks for the new trainees.

If you wish to attend the meeting or have questions, please email Jordis Yost, Jordis.yost@oregonstate.edu

If you are interested in assisting with class coordination but can’t attend the January 23rd meeting, please let Jordis know your interest.

Being an ‘Active and Certified’ OSU Master Gardener

We have updated Master Gardener’s status in CERVIS for the 2018 season based on the completion of the following: OSU Extension Service Metro Master Gardener badge

  • Volunteer hours (20 hrs. for vets) and
  • Recertification credit (10 hrs. for everyone).
  • Conditions of Volunteer Service form for 2018 on file. (signed Conditions of Volunteer Service forms need to be submitted EACH year. Download
    the 2018 form here)

When these 3 requirements are met, we list you as “Current” in the CERVIS system and you will be able to sign-up for volunteer shifts.
Note: some MGs reported less than 20 hours of volunteer time and/or less than 10 hours of recertification credit. We realize that these requirements have not been rigidly adhered to in the past. However, current statewide guidelines require us to hold back on recertifying MGs until these minimums are met.

If you find that you are no longer able to use CERVIS, contact Jordis.yost@oregonstate.edu or marcia.mcintyre@oregonstate.edu

Also contact Jordis or Marcia if you need guidance in how to reach your minimum requirements to renew your “active and current” status as an MG.

Winter in the Phone Clinic
Winter is a great time to volunteer at the metro-area phone clinics.  We get a surprising number of questions from gardeners itching to get out in their gardens. The pace of questions is slower in the winter so it is a good time to come in, be acquainted with the resource library, and maybe even do some detective work regarding your own garden quandaries. Shifts are available on CERVIS or you can email the following coordinators to help you sign-up.

We are opening shifts to the new 2018 trainees starting in late March so this is an ideal time for Veterans and Guides to get their names on the schedules. Having veteran MGs working alongside trainees, offering guidance and assurance is critical for the trainee’s success.

Garden Bridges: Growing Cross Cultural Connection In the Garden

Black and white drawing of a bridge arching over water.
Image courtesy of People, Places and Things

Would you like to garden with immigrants and refugees? Oregon State University is partnering with People-Places-Things LLC.  to build relationships between English language learners and Master Gardeners.  Master Gardeners will develop their intercultural communication skills, helping immigrants and refugees learn English and gardening skills.

The general commitment is two hours a week in a classroom setting developing relationships with language learners. Then when the weather gets a little better, we’ll welcome Newcomer gardeners and show them around, practicing English and tending your plots together. All experiences will be very practical and hands-on. You’ll make some new friends, learn about the amazing people in your neighborhood, and share your expertise.

Interested in becoming a cross cultural educator as part of this pilot partnership with People-Places-Things?

We will have an info session on Thursday, January 11 from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm at Kelly School Center 9015 SE Rural St in Portland.

Please RSVP to weston.miller@oregonstate.edu if you intend to come or have interest in this opportunity but cannot make this event.

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