Srijana Shrestha, looking at the leaves of a tea plant in a greenhouse.

We are so very pleased to share the news that Srijana Shrestha, Assistant Professor of Practice, has started her position leading our OSU Extension Service metro area Master Gardener Program. Srijana’s postion serves the whole metro region, which includes Clackamas, Multnomah and Wasington counties. Her office will be based in Washington County.  

Srijana comes to us from Washington State University with a master’s degree in horticulture and a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in horticulture from Washington State University. 

Srijana has a broad range of experience in nursery production, vegetable crop production, plant propagation, diversity-equity-inclusion work, and volunteer management. Additionally, Srijana has knowledge and experience in berry production, weed science, irrigation and nutrient management, climate change, integrated pest management and soil-biodegradable plastic mulches. 

Srijana recently shared about her interest in horticulture and her excitement about leading the metro area OSU Master Gardener program. Read her comments below:

When did you first become interested in horticulture?

Growing up in the hills of Nepal, I was surrounded by beautiful nature including diverse flora and fauna. My mom loves gardening, it’s amazing how she gets a lot out of our small kitchen garden. Seeing and working with her ignited a spark of horticultural interest when I was still in my school. My dream to turn this interest into a profession landed me in the United States to pursue my higher degree. I did my master’s degree in horticulture from Washington State University (WSU) focusing on the new crops and production techniques for the Pacific Northwest. Currently, I am also a Ph.D. student at WSU working on the tea plant propagation project, another emerging specialty crop in the United States.

What excites you about leading the metro area Master Gardener Program?

I perceive Master Gardeners as selfless people who are dedicated to giving something back to the community. They are a great asset to the community. I take my position as a great opportunity to work closely with this wonderful group of people from diverse backgrounds. We need more such people in today’s world.

Do you have a particular gardening interest?

It makes me excited to see how plants grow from seeds and seedlings. I enjoy propagating plants by grafting and cuttings. I grafted melon seedlings and studied the plant growth and fruit yield as one of my master’s projects. I have been collecting tea cuttings of different varieties for my Ph.D. project. Moreover, I am interested in testing new alternative crops for a region.

Do you have a favorite plant that you like to grow?

I love growing indoor plants and vegetables, and recently, growing sweet potato has been my favorite one.

In the coming spring and summer, there will be opportunities to meet Srijana. She is looking forward to attending events to meet Master Gardeners and learn about the remarkable service you provide representing the OSU Master Gardener program in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties.

Stay tuned for details about a metro area wide meet and greet to officially welcome Srijana this spring!

Srijana’s email is:

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