By Margaret Bayne, OSU Extension Service Staff-retired, OSU Master Gardener

Hemlock trees
Western hemlock trees – OSU

Pruning Established Trees. (Jim Downer,

The Northeast’s Hemlock Trees face extinction.  A tiny fly could save them. (Zoya Teirstein,

Back-Seat Driver: The Parasite That Makes Bees Drop Off Its Babies. (Paige Embry,

VIDEO: Born Pregnant: Aphids Invade with an Onslaught of Clones. (

Honey bee flying in front of honeycomb
Honey bee – OSU

Are the honeybees raised in urban environments beneficial or detrimental?  As a native species.
(Jeanine Farley,

MORE ABOUT BEES…The Truth About Honey Bees.  “Raising nonnatives does not “save the bees”—and may harm them.” (Laura Tangley,

Garden Logic – understanding correlation and causation in our gardens and landscapes (Linda Chalker-Scott, WSU)

Prion-like protein acts as water sensor in seeds. (Jyoti Madhusoodanan, PNAS .org)

Pitcher Plant Moths and their Pitcher Plant Homes. (

Jumping spider
Jumping Spider

Spiders on Tiny Treadmills Give Scientists the Side-Eye.  “Jumping spiders see more in their periphery than previously known.” (Maddie Bender,

MORE ON SPIDERS…Spiders are much smarter than you think.  Cognition researchers are discovering surprising capabilities among a group of itsy-bitsy arachnids.” (Betsy Mason,

Beetle Proves It’s Possible To Survive Millions Of Years Without Having Sex. (Rachael Funnell,

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