By Margaret Bayne, OSU Extension Service Staff-retired, OSU Master Gardener

An Unusual Tree Company- Bartlett Tree Experts.  “In addition to providing tree services, this company also maintains the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and Arboretum. The latter includes over 300 acres of tree collections and ongoing research trials.  Here’s a sampling of the tree research…” (Linda Chalker-Scott,

Field bindweed, Oregon State University

Bidding goodbye to the dreaded Bindweed-The white, trumpet-shaped flowers called bindweed that seem to bloom everywhere can be one of the most frustrating weeds for home gardeners.” (Andy Hulting, OSU)

Millipede Swarms Once Stopped Japanese Trains in Their Tracks.  “A team of scientists say they have figured out the cicada-like life cycles of the many-legged arthropods.” (Veronique Greenwood,

Leave Your Lawn Alone! (Linda Chalker-Scott, WSU)

My Soil is Crap-Part II. (Jim Downer,

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