By Margaret Bayne, OSU Extension Service Staff-retired, OSU Master

Doug fir beetle
Doug fir beetle. Photo: LSU Agriculture Center

Pheromone treatment puts up the “No Vacancy” sign for Douglas-Fir Beetles. (Darrell Ross,

Amazing root drawings! (Wageningen University-Image Collection)

Watch the video:  Scientists are discovering new species in the ancient canopies of Canada’s tallest trees.  “On BC’s coast, giant trees have been fed by rain for over 700 years and are home to an incredible micro-world.” (Wild Canadian Weather,

Rhododendrons as thermometers. Did you know that some rhododendrons can act as a living thermometer, showing you just how cold it is by the curl of their leaves?” (Melissa Reckner,

The Mystery of Mistletoe’s Missing Genes.  Mistletoes have all but shut down the powerhouses of their cells. Scientists are still trying to understand the plants’ unorthodox survival strategy.” (Christie Wilcox,

Microscopic wrinkles in leaves ward off insects.  “Researchers identify a new insect-defense mechanism.” (Monique Brouillette,

Beepocalypse myth handbook: Assessing claims of pollinator collapse. (Jon Entine,

7 vegetable seed packets, fanned out on wood table.
Seed packets. Photo: OSU

Learn the terms on seed packets to make the right selection. (Kym Pokorny, OSU; via Nichole Sanchez, OSU)

Houseplant Hubub: The rage about variegation. (John Porter,

Gardening with Native Plants book inspires perennial passions (Linda Chalker-Scott). (WSU)

Insects in flight-11 incredible species in SLOW MOTION-Watch!  “Takeoff and flight sequences of insects spanning 5 different taxonomic orders captured at 3,200 fps!” (Ant Lab, via Youtube)

The bumble bees of the Oregon Bee Atlas.  Watch the video! (Lincoln Best, via Youtube)

Stickiness is a weapon some plants use to fend off hungry insects. (Eric Lopresti, the

Natural wonder: Wing ‘clap’ solves mystery of butterfly flight. (Matt McGrath,

Extension foresters note trend in redwood plantings, plan needs assessment. (Alicia Christiansen, OSU Extension)

Adult spotted lanternfly, sitting on a thumb
Adult spotted lanternfly. Photo: University of Maryland

Five things to know about: Spotted Lanternfly – Oregon IPM Center.  See the video. (Christ Hedstrom, OSU via Youtube)

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