By Margaret Bayne, OSU Extension Service Staff-retired, OSU Master Gardener

Cover of OSU Publication EM 9297
New OSU publication EM 9297

Asian Giant Hornet: A potential threat to honeybee colonies in Oregon
New OSU publication outlines identification, life cycle, and predatory habits of the Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia).  Along with recommendations for reporting a suspected sighting in the Pacific Northwest. (Ellen Topitzhofer, Chris Hedstrom, Priyadarshini Chakrabarti, Andony Melathopoulos, Silvia I. Rondon, Gail A. Langellotto-Rhodaback, Ramesh R. Sagili)

Why Are Plants Green? To Reduce the Noise in Photosynthesis. “Plants ignore the most energy-rich part of sunlight because stability matters more than efficiency, according to a new model of photosynthesis.” (Rodrigo Perez Ortega,

Spiders, cobwebs proliferate this time of year; here’s why (plus fascinating spider myths and info.) (

View of the Columbia River Gorge, with haze caused from forest fire.
Columbia Gorge Fire, PNW Disease Handbook

Air Pollution: Ozone. (Jay Pschdeit, PNW Disease Handbook)

Volcanic Rock Yields a New Kind of Insecticide for Mosquitoes. (John P. Roche

A Field Guide to Finding Cool Moths. (Ken Keffer,

Bumblebees Are Larger in Cities, Study Finds-Bigger bees have larger brains and are better pollinators. (Mary Jo DiLonardo,

Moth Fur Is the Ultimate Acoustic Armor. It muffles the clicks of ravenous, echolocating bats. (Matthew Taub,

Yellowjacket, OSU

Be Yellowjacket Aware. (Amanda Brenner, Lauren Grad, OSU)

Female Dragonflies Play Dead To Avoid Having Sex, New Video Shows.  Researchers believe this is a survival tactic which is rare- “Sexual death feigning.” (Annie Garau,

A 194-year-old apple tree, the matriarch of the Northwest apple industry, has died. (CNN via

Selecting quality trees from the nursery. (Edward F. Gilman, and Laura Sadowski, UF/IFAS Extension, Gainesville, FL)

Some like it hot… but most do not: How high temperatures delay pollination and ripening. (John Porter,

Squash blossom with sun shining on the blossoms.
Squash blossom, OSU

Bumblebees hate pumpkin pollen, which may help pumpkins (Krishna Ramanujan, Cornell U)

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