By Margaret Bayne, OSU Extension Staff-retired, OSU Master Gardener

PNW Disease Managment Handbook. Image: OSU

History of the PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook.

Realism of Harvard’s Glass Flowers still dazzles. (Tracee M. Herbaugh,

More on the Harvard Glass flowers: (

Soil or dirt? It’s really up to you. (

Soil myth busting for extension educators: reviewing the literature on soil structure and functionality. (Linda Chalker-Scott, WSU; A.J. Downer, U of CA via NACAA)

Plants emit sounds too high for human ears when stressed out. (

The dynamic details of unusual plants captured in singular moments by photographer Helene Schmitz.  Stunning. (

Growing camouflage. “…there are at least two groups of arthropods that take their camouflage to a whole new level by actively growing miniature gardens on their bodies.”  (

Lichen. Photo: OSU

The unexpectedly weird and beautiful world of lichens.  “Lichens are not what you think they are.  Not plant, not fungus-they are one of a kind.” (Jaymi Heinbuch,

A mushroom is saving millions of bees from a deadly virus. “Researchers suspect the mushroom either boosts their immune system or somehow fights the viruses.” (John Vibes via

Is fertilizer a friend or foe to disease-causing organisms? (

Roots. Photo: Linda Chalker-Scott

The myth of fragile roots. (Linda-Chalker-Scott, WSU)

Dung Beetles navigate bia the Milky Way, first known in Animal Kingdom. (Christine Dell’Amore,

More on Dung Beetles (VIDEO): The dance of the dung beetle. (Marcus Byrne, Tedtalk, via

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