By Margaret Bayne, OSU Extension Staff-retired, OSU Master Gardener

A home gardener’s guide to soils and fertilizers. (Craig Cogger, WSU)

Honey bee collection, Gail Langellotto, OSU
Honey bee collection, Gail Langellotto, OSU

Unpopular opinion: Saving Honeybees does very little to save the bees. (Gail Langellotto-Rhodaback, Garden Ecology Lab Blog, OSU)

Video:Leafhoppers and friends. Fun to watch! Andreas Kay; via Zfrank1, Youtube)

More fun videos of insects and other critters by Andreas Kay. (Andreas Kay, Youtube)

Why plants panic when it rains. (Harvey Millar, U of Western Australia, via

VIDEO: What do earwigs do with those pincers anyway? (Deep Look, via Youtube)

Nearly a million cannibalistic ants trapped in Polish weapon bunker make long-anticipated escape. (

The myth of Winter watering “Decrease fall irrigation to force landscape plants into winter dormancy.” (Linda Chalker-Scott, WSU)

The process of leaf color change. (Harvard Forest, Harvard University)

VIDEO: Zombie roaches and other tales of parasites. (Ed Young, Ted Talk;

Woodboring beetle, NCIP, OSU
Woodboring beetle, NCIP, OSU

Learn about wood boring beetles. (NPIC, OSU)

Treated wood fact sheet. (NPIC, OSU)

VIDEO: Water movement in soils- Impermeable layers and water movement.  “Celebrating Dr. Walter Gardner’s life and workwith newly restored clips from his classic film, Water Movement in Soils.” (Decagon Devices, YouTube)

Soil and plant nutrients, an online course. (NCSU)

The remarkable world of insect galls. (Joe Boggs, Ohio State U)

VIDEO: Meet the dust mites, tiny roommates that feast on your skin.  You may think that you’ve got the house to yourself, but chances are you have about 100 different types of animals living with you. Many of them are harmless, but a few can be dangerous in ways you wouldn’t expect.” (Deep Look, via

A new pesticide is all the buzz.  “The EPA has approved the first-ever bee-distributed pesticide for the US market.” (Rachel Fritts,

Nutrient value of compost. (PPT, UC Davis)

Excess phosphorus from compost applications in urban gardens creates potential pollution hotspots. (Gaston Small, et al; IOP Science,

Shiny geranium, Ben Legler, King County, WA

Shiny geranium identification and control. (King

Many plants are naturally GMO, research finds. (Joan Conrow, Alliance for Science, Cornell U)

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