By Margaret Bayne, OSU Extension Staff-retired, OSU Master Gardener

March 2019

A gardener’s primer to cold hardiness, Part 1. (Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott, Garden Professors Blog,

Arborists have cloned ancient Redwoods from their massive stumps. (Yale Environment 360)

Balance, hearing, and more: Why some wasps have fat lower legs. (Entomology Today)

Handwritten 19th-Century color guide poetically describes where shades are found in nature.(Kelly Richman-Abdou, My Modern Met)

Cicada-killer wasp, Ronald F. Billings, Texas Forest Service

When Cicada-Killer wasps become cicada-stealer wasps. (Edward Ricciuti (Entomology Today)

Guttation-just a curious plant thing? (Tony Koski, Cohorts Blog, Colorado State U)

Culprit found for honeybee deaths in almond groves.(Misti Crane, Ohio State U)

The plant that farms other plants for food.  “It’s not just animals that the ladderwort, Utricularia, eats. Two new papers are finding out how bladderworts also digest microscopic plants.” (Alun Salt, Botany One)

Great selection of gardening videos! (Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener)

Flowers can hear buzzing bees—and it makes their nectar sweeter. (Michelle Z. Donahue, National Geographic)

300-Year-Old botanical illustrations and the art they inspire today. (Emma Taggart ,

Overcoming the challenges of farming on Mars.  “Scientists are trying to perfect a technique for growing crops in space so that astronauts have enough food to get to Mars and back.” (Benjamin Plackett , Inside Science)

Extreme temperatures burn stone fruit from inside out, causing severe loss. (Jessica Schremmer,

Aussie plants facing extinction. (The University of Queensland)

Life in a cubic feet of a lawn. (Charley Eiseman, Bug Tracks)

Spray film helps stem water loss in fruit crops. (Ourimpact, OSU)

Tomato plant aroma to protect crops. (R & I World)

Should I worry about heavy metals in my garden Soil? (OSU)

Plants can smell, now researchers know how. (U of Tokyo)

Watch these stink bugs hatch in unison. (Heather Murphy, NY Times)

This unbelievably rare opal has a fossilized bug trapped inside. (Tom Hale, Iflscience)

The Cotton plant that sprouted on the far side of the moon has died.  “China, which is manning the first probe to land on the lunar far side, was hoping to find out how plants fare in outer space.” (Brigit Katz,

Spider dances for his life- Watch the video. (Lifestory, BBC via

Hops, Lynn Ketchum, OSU

Brewing beer? Go a step further and grow your own hops. (OSU)

6 easiest orchids to grow. (A Way to

How ants sniff out the right path.   “They may seem like automatons, but ants are surprisingly sophisticated in their navigational strategies.” (James Gorman, NY Times)

Microbiological safety of chicken litter or chicken litter-based organic fertilizers: A review. (Zhao Chen & Xiuping Jiang, Clemson U, via

Float like a Dragontail Butterfly-beautiful video! (Center for Biological Diversity, via

Moths muffle bat Sonar with sound-absorbing wings- To shield themselves from bat echolocation, moths don an acoustic cloak of invisibility—using the sound-absorbing scales on their wings.” (Katherine J. Wu,

Horticultural Oils – What a gardener needs to know. (JoAnne Skelly, U of Nevada Extension)

Compost in seed starting mix: Recipe for success….or failure? (John Porter,

Plant hardiness zones: Why are they important? (Buncombe County Master Gardeners. NC Extension)

Your view of bugs may never be the same- “…after seeing these endearing photo stories of how bugs are cute, how bugs provide value, and how bugs are a lot more like us than many think.”
(Danae Wolfe, Ted Talk, via

What do opponents of genetically modified foods really know about the science?  “The study, published in Nature Human Behaviour, found that the strongest critics actually know less—a pattern similar for gene therapy, but not for climate change.” (Michele W. Berger, Penn Today, U of Penn)

Why do Rhododendron leaves droop and curl in the winter? (In Defense of Plants)

Cool video shows spiders “raining” from the sky in Brazil. (

Kalanchoe, Colorado State University

Learn about different houseplants from the experts. (Plant Talk, Colorado State University)

Find out how long your seed packs will last. (Amateur

How Poppy flowers get those vibrant colors that entice insects. (U of Groningen)

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