Fondly remembering Bill Greer

If you attended Master Gardener training in Washington County in the past 25 years, upon arrival you received a warm, friendly welcome from OSU Master Gardener, Bill Greer.  Bill volunteered at the check-in table at MG training for longer than anyone can remember. He was a fixture who could be counted on to welcome all, with a kind word and his delightful sense of humor.  We were deeply saddened to learn that Bill died on January 1.

Another place you were bound to see Bill was on Monday mornings at the Washington County hotline office.  In the office, Bill took on the role of mentor by listening, advising and guiding his fellow Master Gardener volunteers and the gardening public.  Many Master Gardeners learned the ins and outs of serving the gardening public while volunteering alongside Bill.  Bill was a patient teacher, guide and valued volunteer!

Bill Greer with his son and grandson.

Bill became an OSU Master Gardener in 1993.  Bill was an avid gardener with an extensive collection and knowledge of rhododendrons. According to his family, his background in engineering also supported an elaborate irrigation system that hydrated his rhodie garden.

At this year’s Washington County MG training as we enter and pass the check-in table, we will be thinking of Bill with fond and grateful remembrance!  Bill gave so much to the Master Gardener program, fellow Master Gardeners and those wanting to learn more about gardening.

On behalf of the OSU Master Gardeners, we want to extend our sincere sympathy and thanks to Bill’s family.  In past years, Bill’s children would transport Bill to training classes and to the Washington Co. office for his hotline shifts, so Bill could continue his tradition of giving to the community!

Bill was a very special Master Gardener volunteer who touched many as he shared his love of learning and the natural world.

Remembrance donations can be made to Valley Community Presbyterian Church, the OSU Master Gardener Program, or the American Rhododendron Society.

Here is another memorial remembrance of Bill.

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