By Margaret Bayne, OSU Extension Staff-retired, OSU Master Gardener

Asian Giant Hornet, WSDA

Pest Alert: Asian Giant Hornet-This month, [December] WSDA entomologists identified a large hornet found near the Canadian border as an Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia), an invasive species not previously found in Washington State.”

Researchers discover a potential window for managing insects without chemicals. (Simon Fraser University)

Houseplant Problems- A diagnostic guide. (Paul C. Pecknold, Purdue University)

When good plants go bad-some native plants can behave as invasive species. (American Society for Horticultural Science via

Video: The Life of Blister Beetles.(Insect Worlds, Episode 3 Preview, BBC Four via youtube)

Vanilla is anything but Vanilla. (Indefenseofplants)

Introduction to Abiotic Disorders in Plants​​-Great detailed info! (Megan Kennelly, Judith O’Mara, Cary Rivard-Kansas State; G. Lee Miller, U of Missouri; Damon Smith, U of Wisconsin-Madison; American Phytopathological Society)

Woodpecker damage, OSU, PNW Handbook

Woodpeckers: Friends or Foes? (Bec Wolfe-Thomas,

Oregon Small Farm News publication. (Oregon State University)

UK insects struggling to find a home make a bee-line for foreign plants. “Non-native plants are providing new homes for Britain’s insects – some of which are rare on native plants, a new study has found.” (University of York)

Video: Travel deep inside a leaf – Annotated Version. (California Academy of Sciences via YouTube)

Spotted Wing Drosopila, Vaughn Walton OSU

“This has been one of the worst years’- Oregon farmers are losing billions to fruit flies.” (Kelsey Christensen and staff via

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