OSU Libraries now has online access to the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Online

This online version of the 90th edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics provides broad coverage of all types of physical science data commonly encountered by scientists and engineers, with as much depth as can be accommodated in a one-volume format.

In addition to offering the full text of the print edition in searchable pdf format, this Internet Version 2010 presents the major tables of numerical data in the form of interactive tables that can be sorted, filtered, and combined in various ways. Substances in these tables can be retrieved by searching on name, formula, CAS Registry Number, or chemical structure, and such a search can be combined with a request for a desired property.

Many new tables and updates are included in the 90th Edition, especially in the following areas:
Fluid properties – new data over a wider temperature and pressure range for
– Water (including D2O) and steam
– Air
– Refrigerants and other important industrial fluids
Biochemistry – new tables on
– Enzyme catalyzed reactions
– Structure and functions of common drugs
– Chemical constituents of human blood
Analytical chemistry – new and expanded tables on
– Proton NMR shifts for solvents and other fluids
– Mass spectral peaks
– Nuclear moments and other data for NMR spectroscopy
– Aqueous solubility of organic compounds
Astronomy and geophysics – new data on
– Properties of the planets and their satellites
– Major world earthquakes, 850 AD to 2008
– Interstellar molecules
Other new and expanded tables
– International recommendations for the expression of uncertainty of measurements
– Description of the new IUPAC chemical identifier (InChI)
– Nobel prize winners in physics and chemistry
– Threshold limits for airborne contaminants

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