Access World News Research Collection provides full-text access to The Oregonian. Supports all academic disciplines. Provides unique primary sources not found in other resources. Provides extensive coverage at local, regional, national and international levels. Offers complete electronic editions of thousands of authoritative U.S. and global news sources. Includes thousands of broadcast transcripts, newswires, video clips, and news blogs. Gives over 219 million current and archived articles— growing daily. Features a customizable, map-based interface and powerful search capabilities. Enables students to examine subjects geographically and over time, analyze trends and statistics, and compare perspectives.

This OSU Trial runs through 4/29/2011.

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Dissertation Abstracts (a ProQuest database) is no longer available at Oregon State University.  For many years OSU Libraries were able to provide access to this database through a provider that charged a set price on a per search basis. That access is no longer being offered.  Subscribing to Dissertation Abstracts through ProQuest is not possible due to the increased price.  However, we have developed a guide in order to direct the OSU community to other useful resources for finding theses and dissertations.

Click here to view the guide for finding theses and dissertations:

Please contact your subject librarian if you have questions about finding dissertations and theses in your field.