A trial has been set up for the SimplyMap database. SimplyMap is an Internet-based mapping application that enables users to develop interactive thematic maps and reports using thousands of demographic, business, and marketing data variables. The trial will run through October 31, 2007.

You will need to create a personal workspace to use the database during the trial. Instructions are on the home page of the database.

The trial provides access to the EASI ® Standard Package, which includes data from the year 2000, 2006 Estimates, 2011 Projections, and the MRI & EASI Life Stage Clusters.

The Standard Package incorporates the following data:
Demographic Variables
Retail Sales, Store Groups, and Food Service Variables
EASI Sales and Other Potential Variables
EASI Quality of Life Variables
Consumer Price Index Variables
General Employment (by Place of Work)
General Establishment (by Place of Work)
Detailed Employment (by Place of Work)
Detailed Establishments (by Place of Work)
Detailed Consumer Expenditure Variables
EASI Profile Variables
Ancestry Tabulations

Mediamark Research (MRI) produces current estimates of usage and consumption (propensity) for thousands of very specific and detailed products, including actual brand data, details of frequency of usage, and more. Our data provider EASI ® (Easy Analytic Software, Inc) annually prepares estimates for about 3,000+ MRI categories of propensities using their updated demographic estimates. EASI’s models use their own Block Group demographic estimates to update these potential results (propensity to buy, expenditures, etc.).

EASI/Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) Propensity Data incorporates the following data:
EASI/MRI Automotive
EASI/MRI Beverages
EASI/MRI Ailments, Remedies
EASI/MRI Apparel
EASI/MRI Appliances
EASI/MRI Attitudes/Lifestyles
EASI/MRI Computers
EASI/MRI Electronics
EASI/MRI Family Restaurants
EASI/MRI Fast Food
EASI/MRI Financial
EASI/MRI Grocery
EASI/MRI Insurance
EASI/MRI Internet
EASI/MRI Leisure
EASI/MRI Personal Care
EASI/MRI Purchasing
EASI/MRI Telephony

Life Stage Clusters are a neighborhood classification system based on the crucial factors (84 Possible Life Stages based upon: Age of Head of Households; Marital Status; and Household Income) that determine life’s key decisions.

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