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Modifying Textile and Design to Make a Modern Hijab

The hijab is a veil, covering the head and chest typically worn by Muslim women’s as a symbol of modesty and privacy around the world. Although it is usually only worn for short periods of time in Saudi Arabia, there are more dynamic situations they face in western countries where this attire can hinder everyday actions like navigating a fall thunderstorm, driving a car, and playing sports. A group of Muslim women in the US have thus modified the traditional hijab for comfort and fashion. Our guest today is Elham Maqsood who will describe her tremendous journey from Saudi Arabia to the US where she seeks to introduce these designs to other Muslims and help increase the quality of life of the next generation of Muslim women. Elham is entering the last year of her Ph.D. program in Design and Human Environment and will return to Saudi Arabia to become a university teacher to potentially start her own fashion line!


Tune in tonight at 7PM Pacific Time to 88.7FM KBVR Corvallis or stream the show live at http://kbvr.com/listen and hear how Elham is helping a new generation of Muslim women feel more comfortable in their own skin and how textile modification can make all the difference!