Radio in the Time of Covid

Here at Inspiration Dissemination we are adapting to the global pandemic’s ever changing obstacles. Because of COVID we are unable to be in the booth this week. That means no interviews. But we will have interviews starting next week.

Have you heard (the new voices on the radio)?

Inspiration Dissemination is excited to announce three new hosts, Bryan K. Lynn, Grace Deitzler, and Miriam F. Lipton.

Bryan is Ph.D. candidate in Integrative biology researching the evolution of cooperation using bacteria and math. You can read more about Bryan and his research here when he was a guest on ID.

Grace is a Ph.D. candidate in microbiology studying the relationship between the gut microbiome and behavior. You can read more about Grace and her research here when she was a guest on ID.

Miriam is a Ph.D. candidate in history and philosophy of science. She studies the history of antibiotic resistance in the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. You can read more about Miriam and her research here when she was a guest on ID.

What’s that? Another awesome way to learn about graduate student experiences at OSU?

In collaboration with the Graduate School, Inspiration Dissemination is proud to announce Oregon State University’s annual Grad Inspire event set to take place at the end of April 2022. The event, where a few hand-selected graduate students share their research in a short 10 minute talk, will be in person (COVID dependent) in the MU Ballroom. Video streaming and live captions will be available for anyone who cannot attend in person. For the most up to date information, please visit this website.

There is a lot to look forward this term.

Coming up this term we already have a stellar line-up. We have students from Public Policy, Nuclear Engineering, Materials Science, and Botany and Plant Pathology. Listen each week at 7pm live at KBVR Corvallis, stream, or download the podcast episode from where ever you are.

Are you a grad student? Are you doing awesome things? We want to hear from you.

We are always interested in hearing from graduate students at OSU. If you are interested in joining the show, click on the “New Guest Sign Up” tab at the top of this page.

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we navigate doing live radio during COVID.

We will back on the air next week. Tune in!

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