This quarter, we were fortunate to have S. Scott Graham on campus for a talk, “AI has Entered the Chat: Promise, Peril, and the Future of Writing in Higher Ed,” as well as a faculty workshop, “ChatGPT in the Classroom: Practicalities & Pedagogies.” Both events were engaging and informative, and you can see the recording of the talk here. You can also read an overview of the talk and workshop here.  

In fall, I mentioned that extra funding is allowing WIC to offer our Faculty Seminar several times this year. This term, 18 faculty from 13 schools across 8 colleges completed the Winter 2024 Faculty Seminar–you can read about them here.  

We will be finishing the ‘23-’24 year with two more Seminar sessions in Spring, and we have a few spots left. If you are interested in Seminar but have not been nominated by your unit head, please direct them to the Faculty Seminar page and ask them to email your name to WIC Director Sarah Perrault ( 

This spring, we will also have our traditional spring workshop series. It will feature a workshop on how to use Perusall, a tech support session for Perusall, and another on creating an inviting and fear-free writing environment in your classes. Dates, times, and registration information for the events can be found here.
Finally, spring will be the time to nominate student papers for the Culture of Writing Awards, so please keep an eye out for exemplary student writing. Winning papers must be in the major, but do not have to have been written for a WIC class.

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