Pre/Views: Your WIC To-Do List

By Vicki Tolar Burton, WIC Director

It’s late in the term. Let’s cut to the chase. Here is your WIC To-Do List.


25 Years of Writing Intensive Learning: A Showcase of Teaching Innovation

By Marisa Yerace, WIC Intern

The Writing Intensive Curriculum at Oregon State is currently seeking your proposals for our afternoon mini-conference 25 Years of Writing Intensive Learning: A Showcase of Teaching Innovation, part of the WIC 25th Anniversary Celebration on May 21st, 2019. Read more here

Best Articles from Teaching with Writing

By Lindsay Schwehr, WIC GTA

In celebration of WIC’s 25th year, the WIC team has selected six articles from the last 20 years of newsletters that we believe still meet and uphold the standards we hold today. As well as these newsletter articles, please feel free to explore the WIC archives to get a better taste of who we are and who we have developed to be! Read more here

WIC’s History by the Numbers

By Lindsay Schwehr, WIC GTA

The WIC team collected data from the WIC curriculum from over the past 25 years: ranging from 1994 to 2019. This data explores WIC courses over the years as well as faculty involvement in the WIC curriculum. Read more here

WIC Winter Workshop Revisited: “Improve Your Writing Assignments in Real Time– Five Easy Steps”

By Lindsay Schwehr, WIC GTA

Participants brought writing assignments from their courses—these assignments covered both those that do and do not have a WIC designation. For those that did not have a WIC designation, discussion centered on how to apply WIC pedagogy to any assignment. Read more here

Call for Nominations: The WIC Culture of Writing Awards

By WIC Team

As spring term arrives, please remember to nominate outstanding undergraduate writers for WIC Culture of Writing Awards. Recognizing exceptional student writing communicates to our students and the university that good writing matters in every discipline. Read more here

WIC Spring Lunch Series 2019

By Ruth Sylvester, WIC Intern

We are happy to announce our Spring Lunch Series schedule for 2019. This year’s topics highlight the intensive learning of our dedicated WIC instructors and we look forward to the stimulating conversations that will take place. Join us at Milam 215 on Fridays from 12 to 1 pm. Read more here






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