by Vicki Tolar Burton, WIC Director

A key principle of faculty development is, “Start with the willing.” The remarkable thing about the OSU faculty during my 26 years as WIC director is that so many of you have been willing. Read more…

Vicki Tolar Burton: Reflections on a Writing Intensive Career

Dr. Vicki Tolar Burton, Professor of English and Director of the Writing Intensive Curriculum, retires after 29 years at Oregon State University at the end of 2019. WIC Interns Matt Fuller, Alex Werndli, and Regan Breeden, and WIC GTA Marisa Yerace, sat down with Vicki to discuss her work, experiences, and legacy as a writing teacher, rhetoric scholar, and Writing Program Administrator.

2019 WIC Fall Seminar Faculty Recognized

by Regan Breeden, WIC Intern

The WIC program and staff would like to congratulate the 16 faculty participants of the Fall 2019 WIC Seminar. At seminar’s end, faculty evaluated the seminar as effective and full of wisdom and useful information instructors might not otherwise learn. Read more…

WIC Culture of Writing Awards: A Call for Nominations

by Alex Werndli, WIC Intern

Attention WIC faculty! Remember to identify strong papers from your fall WIC course as possible nominees for the WIC Culture of Writing Award in your discipline. Units submit nominations by June 1st, 2020.

Why give writing awards in the disciplines? This recognition sends a message to undergraduates and to the university community that excellence in writing matters in the unit, is recognized by the faculty, and is rewarded. For many students, even knowing that a professor has nominated their paper for a writing award is a significant form of recognition and a source of pride. The WIC program conducted a survey of previous Culture of Writing Award recipients in spring of this year, wherein respondents articulated the value of the award to them as young scholars.

WIC Interim Director

As of the start of Winter Term, 2020, the Interim Director of the Writing Intensive Curriculum will be Dr. Anita Helle, Professor of English. Read more…

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