Pre/Views: High-Impact Practices: WIC Spring Theme

By Vicki Tolar Burton, WIC Director

New research on college writers published in the journal Across the Disciplines has identified a short list of high-impact teaching practices that correlate with students’ academic success and positive college engagement. The practices are: interactive writing processes, meaning-making writing tasks, and clear writing assignments. Read more

OSU Writing Center Becomes OSU Writing Studio

By Addison Koneval and Amanda Kelner, WIC Interns

The OSU Writing Center is undergoing a major transformation from a one-to-one consulting model to what is called a studio model. Writing Studio director Dennis Bennett shared with us those new changes and the ways those changes affect WIC faculty and students. Read more


A New WIC Model for a Growing Major

By Dan Smith and Jessica Just, Food Science and Technology

Several years ago the Food Science and Technology Department confronted a crisis in the delivery of our writing intensive course (WIC). For years we had been able to offer just one WIC per year, with a typical enrollment of about 30 students. However, following a doubling of undergraduate enrollment in the major in the three preceding years, by 2014 the enrollment in this class became far too large to effectively meet the goals of WIC, yet the department lacked teaching resources to offer it more than once per year. A new design was required to meet students’ need for a compelling writing intensive course and to minimize the burden on a faculty whose members were already stretched in their teaching assignments. Read more

WIC Spring Lunch Series 2017

By Claire Roth, WIC GTA

We are happy to announce our Spring Lunch Series schedule for 2017. This year’s topics center around an exciting publication in Writing Across the Disciplines scholarship, and we look forward to the stimulating conversations that will occur. All lunches will be held on Fridays in Milam 215 from 12 to 1pm. As always, delicious American Dream pizza and beverages will be provided. Read more

Nominate Your Best Student Writer for the WIC Culture of Writing Award in Your Discipline

By WIC Team 

As spring term arrives, please remember to nominate outstanding undergraduate writers for WIC Culture of Writing Awards. Recognizing exceptional student writing communicates to our students and the university that good writing matters in every discipline. To nominate outstanding undergraduate writers, interested units (schools, departments) seek nominations from the faculty and select the best paper from the major. Read more

Quick WIC: High-Impact Practices, Transfer, and Multilingual Writers

By WIC Team

Are you invested in writing across the curriculum pedagogy, but don’t have time to read the related scholarly articles? Quick WIC provides citations and annotations for articles related to teaching writing across the disciplines. The WIC Team uses the rhetorical precis annotation format to bring you writing pedagogy scholarship in brief. Read more

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