By Vicki Tolar Burton, WIC Director

This issue of Teaching with Writing gives you a chance to meet Dr. Kate Field, one of OSU’s most experienced and thoughtful WIC instructors; to explore genres of written communication in the OSU Open Source Lab, guided by WIC intern Amanda Kelner, who works for the OSL; to review “take-aways” from the WIC spring lunch panels; and to celebrate the undergraduate recipients of the WIC Culture of Writing Awards in the disciplines.

This is also a time for me to thank the hardworking faculty who have taught WIC courses this year.  You give our students the generous gift of attention to their writing and feedback on how to improve it while modeling disciplinary excellence.  Special thanks to faculty and units who took the time to recognize excellence in undergraduate writing with a WIC Culture of Writing Award in their major.

I am especially grateful to the WIC GTA Claire Roth, whose writing expertise, creative ideas, and good spirit have made this year of working with faculty and reviewing courses a happy and productive experience.  Thanks also to WIC interns Addison Koneval (winter term) and Amanda Kelner (winter and spring), who jumped in to learn more about writing program administration, wrote articles for the newsletter, and contributed to the daily work of WIC in important ways.

And to all—have a relaxing and productive summer.


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