Headshot - WIC Director Sarah Tinker Perrault


By: Sarah Tinker Perrault, WIC Director

Spring in WIC is a season of awards and final reflections, and although we remain in remote mode, we have much to celebrate and look back on.

Sarah shares some awards, numbers, and gratitude here.

2021 Culture of Writing Award Winners

By: The WIC Team

In this year’s annual celebration of writing in the disciplines, 37 Culture of Writing Awards were granted across 7 colleges.

The awardees’ names and the names of their papers are displayed here.

Writing Transfer Within Reflection

By: Erin Vieira, WIC Intern

Erin reflects on the skills she’s developed throughout her experience as a writing center consultant, and speculates on how those skills may transfer to future writing contexts.

Read about the lessons she’s learned here.

Recap: Spring Event Series

By: Alexander Mahmou-Werndli, WIC GTA

WIC hosted four successful events this term. View the recorded events, read short summaries, or get a sneak peak for an upcoming fall event here.

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