by the WIC Team

WIC and participating units strive to foster a commitment to excellence in undergraduate student writing and recognize the value of writing across the disciplines with the annual WIC Culture of Writing Awards in the disciplines.

Participation in the Culture of Writing Awards has thrived since 2006 as students earn recognition and cash awards through either individual or team writing projects. This year, participation continued to be strong despite the obstacles posed by remote learning, and 37 awards were granted across 7 colleges. WIC would like to thank all participating units for their continued desire to recognize and reward outstanding student writing.

Congratulations to this year’s awardees!

Student namePaper TitleCollegeNominating MajorNominating Professor
Grace BurksAttracting Pacific Northwest Pawpaw (Asimina Triloba) Pollinators Through Dual-Use Production ManagementAgricultural SciencesAgricultural SciencesKJ Joseph
Katrina DoggettThe Racehorse Industry: ethical and welfare considerations of standard practicesAgricultural SciencesAnimal SciencesGiovanna Rosenlicht
Erin JacksonStarkey Experimental Forest and Range Prescribed Grazing Plan, Union County, ORAgricultural SciencesRangeland SciencesClaudia Ingham
Madeleine ReyesEconomic Analysis of Policy Options for Water Scarcity in California AgricultureAgricultural SciencesAgricultural and Food Business ManagementPenny Diebel
Monica VickersCost-benefit Analysis for Invasive Weed Control: The Case of Knotweed in Skagit CountyAgricultural SciencesEnvironmental Economics and PolicyPenny Diebel
Juriana E. Barboza SagreroGuinea pig model of mild hyperandrogenemia – is it a suitable model for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? A pilot study.Agricultural SciencesBioResource ResearchKatharine Field
Sarah EllisPersonal Ethical Action PlanBusinessBusiness AdministrationAngelika Buchanan
Nicole KotwasinskiPersonal Ethical Action PlanBusinessBusiness Information SystemsAngelika Buchanan
Tiffany HuestisPersonal Ethical Action PlanBusinessEntrepreneurshipAngelika Buchanan
Katie WallacePersonal Ethical Action PlanBusinessFinanceAngelika Buchanan
Dhrushil PatelPersonal Ethical Action PlanBusinessInternational BusinessAngelika Buchanan
Kendyl DruffelPersonal Ethical Action PlanBusinessManagementAngelika Buchanan
Suzi McConnellPersonal Ethical Action PlanBusinessMarketingAngelika Buchanan
Maria BakerCold Desert Climatology of the Patagonia Steppe in ArgentinaCEOASEnvironmental SciencesAndrea Allan
Christopher EgyedDescribing the Climate of the Lake Superior Basin: The Influence of Continentality and the Great Lakes on a Humid Continental ClimateCEOASGeography & Geospatial ScienceAndrea Allan
Giulia Ann WoodDetermining Arctic krill spawning regions and impacts of warming on abundance and distributionCEOASOcean SciencesKim Bernard
Ranyu (Sienna) ShiNeural Prosthetic Hand Design Impact AssessmentEngineeringElectrical & Computer EngineeringRachael Cate
Rachel VillarrealConnection to the LanForestryForest EngineeringJon Souder
Jay SharpeCooperating to Address the Risk of Wildland Fire: A Policy BriefForestryForestryMindy Crandall
Alissa LiuThe Cultivation of Social Harmony: A Discussion of Tradition in Chinese Contemporary Styles and Popular MusicLiberal ArtsMusicKimary Fick
Ana R. PearseMarina Abramović’s Rhythm O: Reimagining the Roles of Artist and ObserverLiberal ArtsArtLei Xue
Grace KnutsenColonial Combatants: Moroccan Soldiers in the Twentieth-Century French ArmyLiberal ArtsHistoryJonathan Katz
Tristan MitchellScientific Realism and Trust as a Remedy for Coronavirus Vaccine SkepticismLiberal ArtsPhilosophyJonathan Kaplan
Kendrea BeersEmbodied Wisdom in Mahāyāna Buddhism and Orthodox ChristianityLiberal ArtsReligious StudiesGeoffrey Barstow
Shane Ania Louise Dela Cruz TyIndividual Interventions for Social JusticeLiberal ArtsEthnic StudiesMarta Maldonado
Rhythm KristichThe Impact of Political Ideology on Aggression and CompassionLiberal ArtsPsychologyChris Sanchez
Maire K. HargadenDoes Universal Early Childcare Affect Academic Outcomes?Liberal ArtsEconomicsTaylor Rhodes
Duncan Sean KempThe Economic Path Dependency of Foreign Extraction Duration: Why Colonialism StillLiberal ArtsPolitical ScienceMichael W. Trevathan
Whitney ThalerStudent Debt and the Alteration of Adulthood IndependenceLiberal ArtsSociologyMark Edwards
Joshua StickrodIntertextual Revisionism: Recontextualizing The Eurocentric Literary Tradition In Hannah Crafts’s The Bondwoman’s NarrativeLiberal ArtsEnglishMegan Ward
Evaggelos Klonis100 Dinge: Wie entkommt man der hedonistischen Tretmühle?Liberal ArtsGermanSebastian Heiduschke
Christina JacksonCapital vs. Capability: Evaluation in Early Childhood EducationPHHSHDFSKathleen McDonnell
Katie SawtelleWomen’s Health Narratives: A Cervical Cancer Prevention Program for College-Age Women in Portland, OregonPHHSHealth Promotion & Health BehaviorKari-Lyn K. Sakuma
Andrew McKelveyCondensation of 4-tert-butylbenzophenone via Friedel-Crafts Acylation and Characterization of the Synthesized Product.ScienceChemistryChristine Pastorek
Jared JensenRESEARCH PROJECT: Mosquito Sensory Modulation — Effects of a striped pattern and olfactory cues on mosquito host-seeking behaviorsScienceIntegrative BiologyMeta Landys
Genevieve ConnollyUsing Euclidean Geometry to Construct Objects in the Elliptic Klein DiskScienceMathTevian Dray
Richard PuroPhotodimerization of Organic Semiconductors in the Strong Coupling RegimeSciencePhysicsEthan Minot
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