Pre/Views: A Quick Guide to WIC’s Winter Issue

By: Sarah Tinker Perrault, WIC Director

Outside, March means daffodils and crocuses, migratory birds, and alternating t-shirt and winter jacket weather. Inside, it means tired faculty working on wrapping up winter quarter and getting ready for spring quarter. 

Here is what WIC can offer from winter, and for spring.

Announcing WIC’s Spring Event Series

WIC will be holding five workshops and presentations this coming term. View the line-up here.

Linguistic Equity: A Video Review Article

By: Jessica Al-Faqih, Erin Vieira, and Alexander Mahmou-Werndli

In order to meet demand for inclusive classroom strategies to value students’ varied dialects and languages, the WIC team provides a short summary of publications from four composition scholars who specialize in areas of linguistic equity.

Assess in Ways that Allow Students to Thrive: An Interview with Travis Margoni

By: Alexander Mahmou-Werndli, WIC GTA, and Erin Vieira, WIC Intern

Travis Margoni is a faculty member in English at Yakima Valley College. Alex and Erin sat down with him to discuss his recent efforts to establish and develop a Writing Across the Curriculum program there.

Centering the Writer: How to Prioritize Students in a Writing Consultation

By: Erin Vieira, WIC Intern

Based on her experience in the Writing Studio, Erin reflects and provides tips for one-on-one conferencing with students. Read more…

Teaching Truth and Trust in an Era of Digital Dissensus – Recap

By: Jessica Al-Faqih, WIC Intern

This term, the WIC team invited Mike Caulfield, director of networked and blended learning at Washington State University – Vancouver, to speak. Jessica recaps the event here.

Info Literacy Workshop Reflection

By: Erin Vieira, WIC Intern

The WIC program, in collaboration with OSU Libraries, held an information literacy workshop this February. Erin recaps the workshop in more detail.

WIC Culture of Writing Awards: A Call for Nominations

By: The WIC Team

Attention WIC faculty! Remember to identify strong papers from your fall WIC course as possible nominees for the WIC Culture of Writing Award in your discipline. Units submit nominations by May 25, 2021.

Learn more about the Culture of Writing Awards and nomination process here.

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