By Sarah Tinker Perrault, WIC Director

Outside, March means daffodils and crocuses, migratory birds, and alternating t-shirt and winter jacket weather. Inside, it means tired faculty working on wrapping up winter quarter and getting ready for spring quarter. 

Here is what WIC can offer from winter, and for spring.

In winter, we had two excellent information literacy events, and the content of each is available online. In January, digital literacy expert Mike Caulfield gave a talk on “Teaching Truth and Trust in an Era of Digital Dissensus,” and in February OSU librarians Hannah Rempel and Jane Nichols offered a workshop on how to integrate information literacy so that students are empowered and create stronger connections in their thinking.  

If you missed these events, or were there and want a refresher, please avail yourself of the following resources:

Another winter project was to continue WIC’s year-long focus (begun in a fall interview with Dr. Ana Milena Ribero) on language difference and inclusive pedagogies. This term we add a video essay on linguistic equity created by graduate and undergraduate student members of the WIC team.

Looking ahead to spring, we will offer an array of events, including one on how to practice linguistic inclusiveness in teaching. Normally offered as the Spring Lunch Series, this quarter’s events will be a bit more varied in time of day—think of them as the Spring Snack Series—but no less useful than in previous years.  Here is the lineup, with links for registering:

  • The art of asking questions: How to prime stronger student engagement
  • 3 quick hacks to build cognizance, agency, & logical flow in STEM WIC
  • Whose language? Inclusive teaching of academic communication across disciplines
  • Using learning outcomes to create clear assignments
  • How to design accessible and engaging course material

To keep up to date on events and other WIC news, please click here to sign up for the WIC listserv. 

Finally, as we look ahead to spring, please also remember to nominate a an undergraduate writer for the WIC Culture of Writing Award in your discipline.

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