Headshot - WIC Director Sarah Tinker Perrault


By Sarah Tinker Perrault, WIC Director

Spring is exciting and bittersweet—exciting because of the spring lunch series and the Culture of Writing Awards, and bittersweet because some members of the WIC team graduate and leave for their next adventures.

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Reflecting on WIC History: An Interview with Vicki Tolar Burton

By Olivia Rowland, WIC GTA

Vicki Tolar Burton directed the WIC program for almost 30 years. In this interview, she discusses the early history of the WIC program, how it has changed over time, and what factors make it successful.

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Announcing the 2023 Culture of Writing Award Winners

By The WIC Team

This year, WIC and participating units granted 28 Culture of Writing awards across 6 colleges.

Here are this year’s winners.

WIC Team Research

By Sarah Tinker Perrault, WIC Director

This new yearly column will share news about WIC-related research by former and current members of the WIC team. This year, Vicki Tolar Burton (former WIC Director), Alex Mahmou-Werndli (former WIC GTA), and Sarah Tinker Perrault are presenting at the International Writing Across the Curriculum conference.

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Spring Event Recaps

By Olivia Rowland, WIC GTA, and Casey Dawson, WIC Graduate Intern

The WIC Team is happy to report a successful spring event series. Over the course of the spring term, WIC hosted three remote workshops.

Read summaries of the events here.

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